Donate Granola to See Movie about Housing Project

Peterborough Action for Tiny Homes, Trent University and One Roof co-presents StreetCity, a compelling documentary about an experimental housing project in Toronto.

It interweaves events in the lives of StreetCity residents over six months, exploring a microcosm of their world. People tell their own stories of hope, dreams, struggle, and resignation.

The film screens in Bagnani Hall at Trent University’s Traill College, 311 Dublin St., on Friday, March 31. The event runs from 5 to 8 p.m.

The storyline of the StreetCity documentary parallels plans for a tiny home village in Peterborough.

The film is a very personal, often humorous, yet disturbing portrait of homeless society. Its narrative parallels the village-like housing at StreetCity and the prospect of a tiny home village in Peterborough. 

The director and experts about homelessness and solutions will hold an informed conversation about local solutions to homelessness after the screening.

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Bay Weyman has written, produced, and directed documentary films for more than 30 years.  He often explores his parallel interests in social issues and popular culture. Bay has made a wide variety of films about society, history, music, arts, and performance.  

His work has been shown in Canada, the US, Europe and Latin America. He serves as past-Chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada and the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. He has an MFA in Film Production from York University and an Honours BA in Comparative Development and Cultural Studies from Trent University.

Pay for entry with donations of cash and cheques; granola bars, cookies, and fruit; food containers; deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner.