Right now, close to 350 people are living outside in the city of Peterborough.

While this makes residents and visitors uncomfortable, it is so much worse for the individuals facing the cold, wind and precipitation that adds another element of uncertainty to their lives.

Just imagine what it’s like for them to face every day with no easy access to a washroom.

Nowhere to safely store their possessions.

Constantly living on edge about their security.

These stresses erode their chances of getting back on their feet. Without proper sleep, hygiene and nutrition, they simply cannot function at their best. Even a small room with walls and a roof would make all the difference.

You can help give them that security and peace of mind so they can focus on their next steps.

We have built 15 sleeping cabins for this purpose. Now, we need the infrastructure to create a safe community to bring people together to share power, plumbing, garbage disposal and other vital services.

By doing so, we can move people out of tents and bus shelters and into tiny homes where they can lock their doors. They can leave their food and bank records at home without worrying about thefts.

You can donate via Brock Mission’s Canada Helps page. Just make sure you pick PATH from its dropdown menu.

We have the power to change their lives. Then, we can all sleep better.