Phase 1 of Peterborough Action for Tiny Homes (PATH) will consist of at least 15 sleeping cabins, several communal buildings including one for dining and gathering, one with washrooms, showers and laundry facilities, a small office and meeting space.

A community garden is planned and at the centre of the site there will be an all-season structure for outdoor meals, shelter and community events. If 15 people are out of the cold this winter, we will have reduced that number of people experiencing homelessness in Peterborough by 10% over last year.

We believe this will save lives.

“Homeless people face intersecting physical, mental and social burdens that greatly increase morbidity and mortality.”

Dr. Stephen Hwang, St. Michael’s Hospital.

What do future stages involve?

We will, as the project evolves, engage in ongoing training, assessment and evaluation of the service being provided to residents and strive to engage the larger community in support and friendship of their new neighbours.

Social enterprise opportunities, training and education for residents will grow into a space where anyone will be able to find a space to share their gifts, learn and grow together, as one intentional, caring community.

It does “take a village” and will take a tremendous effort from our whole community to bring this vision to reality but it can be done. It’s happening in Kitchener, in Kingston, in London, Woodstock, in Fredericton, in Hamilton and more-building community as we build safe spaces to live.

Peterborough Area Tiny Homes potential resident

“I could live here,” says Terry, an unhoused hardworking citizen who supports himself by delivering papers and recycling bottles and cans.