Peterborough Action for Tiny Homes (PATH) will combine compact, four season, private spaces (sleeping cabins measuring 8’ x 12’), with common facilities in serviced buildings, within a village-like setting. We aim to help create a culture of mutual care, respect and dignity for everyone, where people can heal from the trauma they’ve endured, recover and reach out to engage with the larger community to learn and work together.

This is a journey that will take time and the hands and hearts of everyone involved.

We are working to build strong, solid partnerships with supportive social agencies and healthcare providers, to ensure the provision of wraparound supports as needed.

Tiny homes/sleeping cabin communities we have examined, all highlight the impact of trauma on people who have experienced chronic homelessness. Most will have some challenges – mental health issues, substance abuse problems and often complex needs. Some will be medically vulnerable and frequent users of emergency services.

Undoubtedly, problems will arise and they will be managed.

Residents will be carefully selected and expected to sign agreements, which clearly explain conditions of residency.

Counselling, mediation and conflict resolution opportunities will be made available.

We will work with Peterborough City/ County Homelessness staff and others to elicit support, for the well-being of the residents and to increase the comfort level of people who may have questions and concerns.

As we build our community, PATH residents will have access to 24/7 staff support and trained volunteers will be on site on a regular basis.

The Peterborough Police Service has offered its full support and will continue to assist us throughout the process. Its personnel will offer services in-kind related to security of site planning, establishing partnerships and supporting both people experiencing homelessness and addressing the needs of the Peterborough community.