Peterborough Action For Tiny Homes (PATH) Volunteer Meeting Dec. 8

Ideas for Peterborough Action For Tiny Homes

On Thursday, Dec. 8 at 1 p.m., we will host an exploratory meeting help us get to know one another – with coffee and goodies! It will also set expectations and explore possibilities to see what we can do together to help our PATH residents settle in with as much support as the professionals and us volunteers can offer.

We need volunteers who see themselves:

  • Working directly with vulnerable residents onsite
  • Doing day shifts at the site
  • Doing night shifts at the site
  • Cooking and food delivery
  • Driving people to appointments (always two volunteers together)
  • Hosting small groups at Emmanuel for coffee/social time/board games
  • Any other suggestions

The training workshop(s) will:

  • Focus on understanding trauma-induced social behaviours.
  • Provide guidelines for working with vulnerable people.
  • Be offered by a professional in this field, either in person or virtually.

Registration is necessary for this as we need to know numbers. Please register via

If you can’t come but want the minutes from that meeting, please send a request or ideas via email.